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As recent frequently inquiries from customers about ordering and identifying Belle Fleur Lavender®'s products, Fairy Romance pty ltd now is lodging a notification to every fans of us and Belle Fleur Lavender®:

1.Fairy Romance pty ltd is Belle Fleur Lavender®’s official distributor. Every item you purchased from us will go with our formal invoice. Please keep the invoice with you as the only evidence of purchase for further warranty and customer support.

2.Fairy Romance pty ltd had never authorized any other individuals or companies to sell any of Belle Fleur Lavender®’s products. We will hold the rights to investigate for legal responsibility on any fraudulent use of the name of our company to sell any Belle Fleur Lavender®’s products.

3.From March 18, 2014, we only accept retail order on Belle Fleur Lavender®’s Bella Bear gift set. One set will be supplied to one person per day.

4.Please identify your Bella Bear via Belle Fleur Lavender®’s only one official website: http://www.bellefleurlavender.com.au/

Any other similar domains will be a fraud.
For further information about ordering and other requirements on Belle Fleur Lavender®’s products, please contact us via email: info@FairyRomance.com.au

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Our approach to building brands is that size doesn’t matter. No business is too big or too small when it comes to approaching your marketing needs. As a brands agency we focus on insightful solutions to achieve your business goals in a variety of ways.
With a 360º range of services we offer innovative solutions to create ways for people to engage with your brand and inevitably share their experience with others.

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We provide our partners with the added value of being like a virtual marketing department who you outsource the whole marketing function to, or who acts as an extension of your existing Marketing Department. Our expertise covers a diverse field of marketing disciplines, providing marketing strategies and plans, campaign management, social and digital, production and ongoing evaluation and reporting.

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  • Thank you for your great work that helped me sold so many sunglasses!

    Andy - AF Sunglasses
  • Love your web design! All pages are awesome! Made me looks so professional!

    Jade - R.A Fashion
  • Great Cooperation! Brilliant plan for both online and offline market!

    Julie - Kite Clothing



More and More brands become our valued clients, we keep updating our new ideas on marketing promotions and brand value enhancement. Innovation is not only about new, it has to be effective in here.

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To creative is uniquely universal. It’s not simply about coming up with one idea for a brand. It’s about creating a need for brands, a reason to engage with a product or service and an even greater need to share that experience. We create, build, mould, introduce and invent whatever is required to market and grow your brand.


It’s the way forward and used correctly can give your brand a life of it’s own, reaching consumers with the right message that creates a level of engagement that consumers want to share. Developing your Social Media Strategy and Plan will help you better connect with your consumers and build your brand.


We offer complete website designs and packages from the simple through to the most complex. Expert advices and project management including user experience, interface design, information architecture, site mapping, wireframe development and creative execution for multimedia, online advertising and electronic direct mail.


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